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  • Consistency Is Key (CIK) is not a diet and workout plan. It is a commitment to a healthy and fit lifestyle. If you want to be successful in adopting the CIK lifestyle you must follow these simple, but important guidelines:

    1. ATTITUDE: For improvement to happen there must be change. The first change must be in attitude. Keeping a positive ‘can do’ attitude is essential to success in any type of endeavor and it is especially important when it comes to a healthy lifestyle.

    2. COMMITTMENT: Make it a lifetime commitment.

    3. STEADFAST DETERMINATION: Do not let life get in the way of your commitment.

    If you enter into the commitment to the CIK LIFESTYE with these three rules in mind, you will be successful. You will adopt a lifestyle that will keep you vital, strong, healthy and mentally sharp well into your seventies, eighties and beyond.

    Although, CIK LIFESTYLE is not a diet plan; if you adhere to the lifestyle, reaching and maintaining a desirable personal weight and fitness level will surely follow. Make a commitment to improving. You will feel better. You will do better. You will be better. You will be the best you can be.


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