Let Me Introduce Myself

I am C.B. Swartz, a Freelance Writer. I have been interested in health and fitness my whole life. I remember doing ‘calisthenics’ with my Mom in front of the TV. It was the Debbie Drake exercise program and probably the first of its kind on TV. My mother was born way before her time, because she was quite fitness aware and so was my Dad. His fitness idol was Jack LaLanne, the fitness legend.

My parents and my grandparents were into homeopathics long before it was ‘in’. I was given vitamin supplements as a child and in turn gave them to my children. I have been health and fitness conscious my whole life and I have tried to pass that on to my kids. I would be remiss if I did not mention my husband Jim at this point, because he is also very health and fitness aware. He is still walking, biking and working out with light weights. He, like I, eats a healthy diet and limits his daily intake of calories. We both take vitamin-mineral supplements and eat foods that strengthen our immune system. I will cover all of these things at length as we journey together through the healthy and fit way of life.

I would like to share the knowledge that I have acquired throughout the years of my health and fitness evolution. I say evolution because I have made a concerted effort over time to keep up to date with the newest and most innovative health and fitness practices.

I hope you will join me on this journey and you will find yourself better for it at the end.

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