How to prepare (get into condition) to run. The first thing to do in preparation for running is to purchase a good running shoe. I prefer and recommend Asics brand running shoes. I have found over the many years of running that they work best for me and I don’t sustain footwear related injuries while running in them.

The #1 most important step to preparing for your first run is strengthening your quadriceps (the group of the four large muscles on the front side, of the thigh). The quads are the main muscles that extend, or straighten, the knee, and they are essential in running. If you begin running before you do this, you are asking for knee injuries.

The knee is inherently a very unstable joint. It basically consists of two relatively flat bones just sitting on top of each other, the femur or thigh bone resting on the tibia or shin bone. These two bones form the knee joint, and are only held together by ligaments and muscles. By increasing the strength and size of the quads, the main muscle group around the knee, you can provide much better control of the knee, which will help prevent injuries, and help protect any damaged cartilage you may have in the knee.

Click this link to learn about the exercises, done two to three times per week, which are instrumental in achieving the proper quad strength needed to begin running.

Once you have accomplished these two very important steps, refer back to this article for what follows next.

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  1. Comment by Jim Swartz:

    Great introduction to getting into the running thing! Don’t run to get in to condition, get in condition to run! How many injuries have I sustained in my many years of running, by violating this basic rule!

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