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The word diet often creates a negative way of thinking. You might yearn for all those “enticing” foods you feel you’re being deprived of or groan over the energy that goes into a calorie-burning workout. The negativity makes it harder to stick to the plan and achieve long-lasting success.  Tell yourself, before your feet hit the floor each morning, “I’m excited to start my day with exercise and some healthy foods”. Changing your life is about making a positive lifestyle change, feeling strong, confident and being healthier than you’ve ever been.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew, both literally and figuratively. If you dive in all at once and start in the middle it will soon seem inconceivable that you will be able to achieve your weight loss and exercise goals. Start by taking one step at a time. Eating healthy snacks instead of junk food and taking a thirty minute walk each morning for a couple of weeks may not seem like much, but you will see results. Then gradually increase the exercise and replace high calorie snacks and meals with healthy less caloric foods.

Set small goals for yourself. Each time you reach a goal you’ll gain more confidence.  The same goes for time limits. Setting unrealistic time limits, such as, losing twenty pounds to fit into a dress for your upcoming class reunion is self defeating. This may cause undue pressure and stress which can lead to comfort eating.

You’re going to back slide sometimes. Everyone does. For example, you go out to lunch with friends and make too many trips to the all you can eat buffet or let life get in the way of your workouts.

But what is most important is that you get back into your healthy living routine right away. Giving up is not an option and it won’t make you feel any better. So forgive yourself, and then get back into your good-living habits.

You deserve a body that’s healthy and fit. Train your brain to help you get there. See also, Taking Control of Your Own Wellness