Exercise for Arthritis

Research has shown that exercise can help reduce arthritis pain and improve range of motion, and it’s now considered an essential part of arthritis management.
Regular exercise can:
  • arthritisReduce inflammation, stiffness, and joint pain
  • Build muscle around joints, better supporting them and protecting them from shock and daily wear and tear
  • Increase flexibility
  • Improve endurance
Take some special precautions to make sure that your exercise routine provides maximum benefit while reducing the risk of injury and pain from sore joints.
Talk to your doctor first. Be sure to take into account any health concerns. Then consult with a physical therapist to insure that you are doing the best exercise routine for your specific needs.
You may look into exercise classes designed just for people with arthritis. Special programs are often offered through health clubs, community centers, and the YM/WCA. You could also share information with friends who have similar health problems.