Part 2 B Healthy Sugar Substitute

Stevia Plant

In my humble opinion there is only one healthy sugar substitute and that is ‘Stevia’ derived naturally from the Stevia plant. I am including in this post excerpts from an article by Michael Dansinger, MD, Nationally recognized authority on dietary and lifestyle counseling for weight loss and disease prevention.

“Stevia is a natural sugar substitute that belongs in your “diabetes reversal” bag of tricks. I believe stevia can be a significant part of the solution for many individuals.
The key advantage of stevia (over artificial sweeteners) is that it is all natural – it comes from the “Sweetleaf” plant that grows primarily in tropical and subtropical regions of Western North America to South America. The leaves contain the sweet glycosides stevioside and rebaudioside (discovered in 1931 by French chemists), which are 300 times sweeter than sucrose (table sugar). The leaves themselves taste sweet and can be used whole or in ground form in food and beverages. More typically, the sweet glycosides are extracted from the plant material and sold as a processed powder.

Stevia shines when used to enhance the sweetness of foods or beverages that already have some flavor as well as another source of mild sweetness. Its use in the popular beverages Vitamin Water Zero and Sobe Life Water demonstrate that it is gaining traction in the United States. It is usually available as powder, packets or concentrated liquid, in supermarkets, natural foods markets, vitamin shops and health food stores.”

More and more people are becoming aware of this product everyday. I believe is it is a much healthier choice and better tasting than any other sugar substitute on the market. I strongly urge you to try it, if you haven’t already. It is also available at Walmart.


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  1. Comment by Jim Swartz:

    We’ve been using Stevia for a few years now and I, being a true sweet tooth addict, can truthfully attest to it’s sweet tasting characteristics! My wife uses it extensively when baking my favorite cakes and other desserts! We, as avid runners and bicyclists, use the Vitamin Water Zero products that were introduced to us by our youngest daughter and her husband, both health nuts!

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